Corporate Governance

The Company’s policy is to adopt high standards of corporate governance. As such, the Company has developed a governance manual in accordance with the Corporate Governance Regulations (CGRs) issued by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). The CGRs prescribe the rules and standards for the management of the Company to ensure that the Company’s corporate governance standards are in line with best practices enshrining the rights of shareholders and stakeholders. The provisions of the CGRs shall be mandatory, except for those provisions referred to as guiding provisions.

The Company’s internal governance manual that was approved by the Company’s Board of Directors on 29/12/1442H (corresponding to 08/08/2021G) includes provisions relating to the following:

  • Shareholders’ rights.
  • Rights related to the General Assembly Meeting.
  • The Board of Directors, its composition, responsibilities, competencies and work procedures.
  • Executive Management, its functions and responsibilities.
  • The Company’s committees, their membership and meetings.

Governance Documents

  • Saudi Tadawul Group By-laws STG bylaw
  • Board of Directors Membership Policies and Standards
    Board of Directors Audit Committee Charter
    Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter
  • Polices, Disclosers, and Transparency Conflict of interests and RPT Policy