Our transformation into Saudi Tadawul Group reinforces our position as an attractive investment destination and the issuers’ exchange of choice. In this section, find out more about our strategic objectives and overall mission.


As part of its 2030 Vision, Saudi Tadawul Group is helping the Kingdom build a thriving economy with a technologically advanced and integrated capital market at its center.


To be a world leading holding group fostering the development of a diverse Saudi capital market, and a bridge between global investors and regional economies.

Strategic Objectives

Our transformation is an important step in the ongoing development of the Saudi capital market. Saudi Tadawul Group is crucial to driving the growth of the market and creating a resilient and robust environment for all stakeholders.

Some of our strategic objectives include:

  • Enhancing competitiveness and aligning with international best practice.
  • Creating an agile environment that can respond to evolving global and local market trends.
  • Introducing best-in-class services for the benefit of all market participants.
  • Diversifying investment opportunities across the Kingdom and beyond.
  • Developing the Saudi capital market, its infrastructure and member offerings.