Our Story

At Saudi Tadawul Group, we are committed to developing an advanced capital market as part of our mandate towards realizing the objectives of Vision 2030’s Financial Sector Development Program – an ambitious vision for an ambitious nation. Our transformation into a holding group represents a key milestone in this initiative.

Our history and the Transformation

The Saudi Tadawul Group was established in March 2021, following the transformation of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) into a Holding Group structure. It is the parent company with a portfolio of four subsidiaries including:

  • Saudi Exchange

    Learn about the Saudi Exchange, which acts as the Kingdom’s securities exchange services and is the official source of market information.

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  • The Securities Clearing Center Company (Muqassa)

    Learn about Saudi Tadawul Group subsidiary Muqassa, which works to reduce post-trade risk by introducing new mechanisms to guarantee the settlement of trades.

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  • The Securities Depository Center (Edaa)

    Learn about Edaa, Saudi Tadawul Group’s subsidiary responsible for registering the ownership of securities.

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  • Wamid

    Learn about Wamid, the applied technology services business and innovation arm of Saudi Tadawul Group, which is focused on helping market players solve real-world challenges

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The Group benefits from integration and synergies between its subsidiaries, ensuring efficient operations and the independence of each subsidiary.

This facilitates the introduction of best-in-class services to all market participants, diversification of investment opportunities, and the continued development of the Saudi capital market.

The Group aims to advance the Saudi capital market’s infrastructure in line with global best practice, while solidifying Saudi Arabia’s position as an emerging market leader, a technologically advanced and attractive global investment destination and the gateway to the MENA region.

It looks to support the successful delivery of Saudi Arabia’s Financial Sector Development Program (FSDP) objectives, as part of Vision 2030, to boost economic growth and diversify the economy.

Future of the Saudi capital market

Saudi Tadawul Group and its subsidiaries are at the heart of the Saudi capital market and we are actively working towards making the Kingdom an attractive investment destination for issuers and investors alike.

Saudi Exchange is one of the most liquid stock exchanges in the world. It ranks among the largest exchanges globally by market capitalization. The new holding group structure with four integrated subsidiaries will support Saudi Exchange to achieve its long-term growth plans and provide market participants with new opportunities.

The transformation also included the launch of Wamid – an innovation-focused company supporting tech-focused capital market development.

Wamid is important to the future of the Group as it helps market players to solve real-world challenges through the use of emerging cutting-edge technologies.